Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spiderbeam enables aerial 360 photos and videos without a drone

photo by Mark Marano
You don't always need to use a drone to capture aerial 360 photos and videos.  Mark Marano uses the Spiderbeam, a pole that extends to 12 meters (40 feet) for aerial shots without a drone.

Using a drone is not always possible or practical.  One alternative for aerial photos or videos is pole photography.  Spiderbeam is a durable fiberglass pole designed for professionals, available at lengths of 12 meters to 26 meters, and in the case of the 12 meter pole, it collapses to as short as 4 feet.
Mark used a 12-meter Spiderbeam for aerial 360 photos like the one above, and for aerial time lapse videos like this one:

To use the Spiderbeam with his 360 camera, Mark had to create his own attachment from parts available at hardware stores.

photo by Mark Marano
You can read more about how Mark used the Spiderbeam on his website here!  Please use caution when using a pole to avoid injury or damage.


  1. Don't want to use something like that in any amount of moderate wind, or higher.

    1. Absolutely. Nor near power lines...

      Best regards,

  2. we should call this 'MOASS' Mother of all Selfie Sticks?


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