Friday, May 12, 2017

NCTech iSTAR captures HDR 360 photos with up to 27EV dynamic range

NCTech's iSTAR is a 50-megapixel 360 camera designed for rapid 360 HDRs.

Remember Google's announcement of 20 StreetView-compatible cameras?  This is one of them.

NCTech's iSTAR is designed for rapid capture of 360-degree HDR photos.  Here are the key specifications:
- four 10-megapixel lenses
- effective resolution: 50 megapixels
- field of view: 360 x 300 degrees
- integrated compass, tilt sensor, and GPS
- up to 27EV dynamic range
- raw format (.nctri)
- IP64 weather resistance
- wireless live view and capture over Wi-Fi

Here is a sample comparison between a normal exposure and the iSTAR's HDR exposure:
top: HDR; bottom: normal exposure
You can see more sample shots here.

Shooting takes 5 seconds for one exposure, 10 seconds for a 5-shot HDR exposure, or 20 seconds for a 9-shot HDR exposure.

The iSTAR costs £4,000 for the Fusion Lite which can take a 5-shot HDR exposure, and £5,500 for the Fusion which can take a 9-shot HDR exposure.  Here is the official page for the iSTAR.

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