Friday, May 12, 2017

Kodak PIXPRO launches new Orbit 360 mini-site

Kodak PIXPRO has created a minisite for the Orbit360 4K that shows the Orbit360's unique features and the available packages.

The site has a new interactive, fully spherical Orbit360 photo that you can check out.  The photo shows very good quality and excellent dynamic range.

The site also showcases the Orbit360's features and places heavy emphasis on the Orbit360's unique asymmetric lenses, which allow it to be used in three different ways: as a fully spherical 360 camera, a 235-degree hemispherical camera ("dome mode") or as an ultrawide 197-degree rectilinear fisheye camera.

The site also shows the two different packages available: the adventure package and the satellite package.  The extras in the satellite package are the selfie stick, the additional remote control (which can switch between photo or video remotely, as well as between the fields of view), and the housing which can be used to attach the Orbit360 to GoPro-style accessories.

Unfortunately there is still no preorder link...!

Thank you very much to Kevin Cruz and Yoann Legeay for sharing this update!

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