Monday, April 3, 2017

You can download the preview of the 2017 Samsung Gear 360 app

You can check out the new app for the 2017 Gear 360.  Here is a link to the download:

Please note the app is for Android only.  I think that explains why despite hundreds given away by Samsung to journalists at Samsung Unpacked, there have only been few samples posted so far to YouTube.  Indeed, a couple of them are even unstitched.

To install the app, you'll have to temporarily allow installation from unknown sources.  Use at your own risk.

In the app's opening screen, which shows both the old and new Gear 360, you're invited to connect the app with your Gear 360:

In the next screen, you can see the controls of the new Gear 360:

The app shows that connecting the 2017 Gear 360 to the app is the same process as with the previous Gear 360: you hold down the Connect button, press the shutter button (which is also the OK button).  The Gear 360 will then show up on the app as an available connection, then you select it.

Once the app launches, there's a brief intro that talks about using the preview screen, and the 360 live streaming.

The app can be used to connect to the old Gear 360 and the new Gear 360.  When connected to the old Gear 360, the app is functionally similar to the old app.  I did not notice any new options or capabilities.  There are a couple of [excellent] sample 360 photos included.


  1. This new app is interesting. It softens the blend lines between the lenses. I took the two pictures from, virtually (no pun intended), the same location and stitched one with the new app and the other with the older. The older app stitch line was less soft than that of the new app.

    Mic, do you know if there is, or will be, a new desktop app released as well?

    1. Hi Rich. I don't know yet if there's a new desktop app. I assume there must be at least an update to the old app for a new stitching algorithm optimized for the new camera.

      Best regards,


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