Monday, April 17, 2017

VRLA: RigRover is a remote controlled stabilized dolly for 360 cameras

One of the interesting things I saw at VRLA is the RigRover, a remote controlled stabilized dolly designed for 360 cameras.
ProsperVR's RigRover is a stabilized, remote controlled dolly designed for 360 cameras.    The chassis has a suspension system to smoothen bumps. In addition, it has a gimbal to keep the camera level and oriented in the same direction.  The RigRover's gimbal is modular and can be used to mount a 360 camera on a drone.

Unlike other similar motorized gimbals on the market, the RigRover is very maneuverable and can turn in a very tight circle.  It has a relatively small profile compared to other motorized dollies for 360 cameras (see the sample 360 video below).

Here is the RigRover in action with a Z Cam S1:

Here is a sample 360 video made using a RigRover:

The RigRover is available for rent for $750 per day during the introductory period.  It's available from


  1. how did he get to turn the camera when the rover turned,

    1. Hi. The orientation of the camera doesn't change as the rover turns because the rover has a 3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera level (and always oriented the same way).

      Best regards,


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