Monday, April 10, 2017

Use your own watermark in this modded version of the Insta360 Air app

photo by Pepe Vazquez
Here's a modded version of the Insta360 Air app that allows you to customize the watermark with your logo.

Insta360 Air's app allows you to add or remove Insta360's logo, but you can't put your own logo yet.  Insta360 said that a planned app update will be enable you to customize the logo.  Meanwhile, my friend and tech vlogger Pepe Vazquez modified the Insta360 Air app to make the logo customizable, as in the example above.

Here is a link to the modded app.  Please note this modification app hasn't been approved by Insta360 (or vetted by Google Play Store), so use at your own risk.  Thanks again to Pepe Vazquez for making this modded app available!

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