Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New videos from 2017 Gear 360 show seamless stitching; plus: a time lapse sample

Check out several new videos for the 2017 Samsung Gear 360, including a time lapse sample!

Here's a video by Droneworks Studio, a creative partner with Samsung.  I've said that the 2017 Gear 360's stitching is nearly perfect, on par with the Ricoh Theta's.  Without looking at the nadir, can you find the stitch line?

Here is a video by Anshel Sag:

Here's a low light video by HTmobile (I think it's from the 2017 Gear 360, but I haven't confirmed.  Or if you can tell if it's 24fps vs. 30fps, that would confirm it too):

Here is a time lapse, also by Anshel Sag:

Here is a new live stream video by George Buhnici.  Please note live streamed videos from the Gear 360 do not use optical flow stitching.  They use simpler template-based stitching hence the more obvious stitch lines.  This is true for all 360 live streams from all cameras as far as I know.

You can see other Gear 360 videos on this playlist.  I will keep adding to it so bookmark this page:


  1. The use of the words "seamless stitching" is a bit overused lately. The stitching is a bit better (less noticeable) than the original. This is mostly due to the method of stitching where, it appears, the blending is smoothed more aggressively than the previously used method. However, it is not, IMO, seamless.
    To be perfectly clear, the Facebook video, which is blocked in my browser, may have some different magic applied than the other videos.

    1. The magic in this video is the field of view. The easyest way to dramatically incrase the image quality is larger field of view. In youtube, you can't change it, and i think, originally it's pretty narrow.

  2. It should be mentioned that the above comment considers that the lenses of the new camera are closer together than the previous version.

  3. The time square shot is challenging circumstances yet looks reasonably impressive. I hope the app allows manual controls and that should help with the stitch line i.e. white balance and exposure.


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