Saturday, April 1, 2017

NCTech iris360 Pro high-resolution 360 camera with up to 27EV dynamic range

NCTech has announced a new 360 camera: the iris360 Pro, which can capture 90-megapixel photos.

the original iris360

The iris360 ($1,999) was one of the first all-in-one 360 cameras launched in 2015.  It used four 10-megapixel sensors and could stitch 32-megapixel photos in two minutes, which could be uploaded directly to Google Street View.

iris360 Pro

NCTech has now announced the successor to the iris360: the iris360 Pro which can take 90-megapixel photos.  Here are the key specifications:
- four 18-megapixel sensors
- four fisheye lenses
- aperture: f/2.3
- ISO: 100 to 6400
- photo resolution: 13800 x 6900, with a dedicated Street View Mode with 12K resolution.
- exposure: auto or "manual shutter speed" (not sure if this shutter priority or purely manual)
- true HDR mode with up to 9 exposures (with 27 EV total dynamic range!)
- JPEG or 10-bit Raw
- SDHC up to 32GB
- MSRP: $2,899

NCTech did not specify the field of view, but the original iris360 had a field of view of 360 x 295 degrees.  The iris360 Pro, which have lenses that are pointed at different vertical angles, appears to be fully spherical.

In addition to the iris360 Pro's new capabilities, NCTech's OnestopVR software can create 3D models from the 360 photos from the iris360 Pro.

Here is the official webpage for the iris360 Pro.

Thank you very much to Roman Goldman of 360 camera website for bringing this to my attention!

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