Friday, April 7, 2017

Leica BLK360 is a LiDAR camera with true VR 3D 360 capture capability plus thermal imaging

Here is the Leica Geosystems BLK360, a depth-sensing LiDAR camera that can scan an environment in 360 degrees and generate a true 3D model, including a 360 thermal image.
Earlier this week, I posted about a true VR LiDAR camera called the LASiris VR.  Here's a camera with similar capabilities from Leica Geosystems called the BLK360.  It takes a 360-degree depth map and adds color information using a 360 panoramic photo.  In addition, it takes a 360-degree thermal panorama.

BLK360's 360 photo has a resolution of 150 megapixels, with a field of view of 360 x 300 degrees.  The thermal image has a field of view of 360 x 70 degrees.  The laser scanning range is up to 60 meters, with an accuracy of 4mm at 10 meters, and 7mm at 20 meters.  It takes 3 minutes for a full dome scan.  The point cloud is processed with Autodesk Recap software.

Here is a product video:

Here is a flythrough of a sample captured by the BLK360:

The BLK360 is small (165mm tall and 100mm in diameter) and light, weighing only 1 kg.  Leica claims it is the smallest laser scanner on the market.  Here is an image to scale, next to a tablet.

The BLK360 costs $16,000 and is available from Autodesk.  Here is the official webpage.

Thank you very much again to Reza Rivani of Panview for bringing this to my attention!

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