Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Here is Xiaomi's fully spherical 360 camera: Xiaomi Mijia Sphere Camera

Xiaomi officially announced its fully spherical 360 camera, the Xiaomi Mijia Sphere Camera.

Last week, I posted about Xiaomi's new 360 camera.  Now Xiaomi has officially announced the camera, which is called the Xiaomi Mijia Sphere Camera.

Here are the key specs:
- Photo resolution: 23.88 megapixels
- Video resolution: 3.5k (nearly 4k)
- IP67 water resistance
- 6-axis stabilization
- 1700 yuan (around $250)

Here is a video showing the Xiaomi Mijia.  As you can see the Xiaomi Mijia is quite slim, which should mean that it can have very good stitching due to being less prone to parallax stitching error.

It does not have in-camera stitching.  Instead, the stitching is via its app.  The app also has some sample 360 videos.  Here is a link to the app (Android version).  Here are frame grabs from some of the videos:

Xiaomi will be available for order on April 6, midnight (GMT+8), which is April 5, 9am Pacific Daylight Time  on and


  1. is this camera compatible with google street view?

  2. Intriguing, don't know whether to go with this of Samsung now.

    I can't get any of the videos in the app to load though, did they work for you?

  3. the videos dont work for me also it looks like photos

  4. but now they work without problems but in wifi, the quality looks very nice and the stitching is very little

  5. @Paul Suderow: Any 360 camera would work with Street View app, for it's a generic app. Incompatibility with a generic and universal app is a suicidal move for any product.

    @briwil: Unless you're a diehard Samsung fan, you should consider the Xiaomi instead. In case you haven't read, the specs of Gear 360 gen 2 has cut its photo resolution to 15MP (5472x2736), down from gen 1's 30MP (7776×3888). For comparison, Xiaomi's photo res is 23.88MP (7000 x 3500).

    Sure, the new Samsung model has streaming capability and better video resolution, but the Xiaomi Mijia Sphere features a longer exposure mode (up to 8 seconds), which is awesome for night scenes. I've compared the quality of Xiaomi's photos posted here [] to a Samsung gen 1, and I'm kind of impressed by Xiaomi's quality. On the Samsung, I can definitely see blind spots, which is the blurry part found between 2 lens. On Xiaomi OTOH it doesn't seem to be blurry anywhere. For me, the biggest flaw on the Xiaomi is blue fringes (chromatic aberration). This is unavoidable, as all these 360 cameras use fish-eye lens. Aside from that, it actually looks pretty good. At least better than the Samsung I tested with.

  6. @guykamen thank you very much for your answer, you have helped me

  7. Theta m15 and gen1 gear 360 owner here, just ordered this camera and am looking forward to try it when I go to China to pick it up, in about 2 weeks. I do not care much about video as I only take pictures. I do care about resolution because I want to enjoy my pictures with Oculus Rift and the gen1 gear 360's resolution is more or less above the enjoyable threshold, while the theta m15 and all their later models are not. So for me, the reasons to buy this are:
    1, As guykamen said, this camera has almost the same resolution with gen1 gear, better stitching and perhaps better night picture quality.
    2, As iphone user, the gear 360's Samsung lock was never comfortable.
    3, Happened to have a schedule to visit China.

    The only concern for me is its compatibility with google street view app. guykamen has pointed out that it's not wise to block or not positively support the google app nowadays. But I am a bit skeptical. Xiaomi is a Chinese company. The camera is released in China, where most people have zero access to most google functions. Just installed their ios app for the camera and cannot find any export function related to street view. Maybe everything will be ok when they release the camera elsewhere but right now, I'm not expecting very much.

    1. Hi lacarte. As long as you can export the photo to the camera roll in equirectangular format, you'll be able to upload it to Street View. (Just go to the Street View app and upload from there.)

      Best regards,

    2. Can you export to Camera Roll on iOS? On my Mi 5 I can only export a link to the video hosted on I can access the actual file through File Explorer, but when injecting metadata using Spatial Media Metadata Injector it doesn't quite stitch it in the right place.


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