Thursday, April 20, 2017

FeiyuTech G360 gimbal preview and sample video

Here is a sample video from a preproduction version of the Feiyu Tech G360 gimbal for 360 cameras, by tech vlogger Steve Shew!

Last week, Feiyu announced the G360, a stabilized 3-axis gimbal designed for 360 cameras. The G360 is the second 360 gimbal for consumers and at $349, is a little more expensive than the $299 Guru 360, which was the first affordable 360 gimbal (reviewed here).  It will be interesting to see if it offers better performance.

In the meantime, Steve Shew got to try out a preproduction model of the G360 at CES.  Here's his video:

Again, this is only a preproduction model, and the final version could have better performance, but what do you think of the performance and stability so far?  The G360 is available from Amazon.

Thank you very much to Steve Shew for sharing this video! You can follow his YouTube channel here.


  1. The gimbal is inside the scene! I really don't like this...

    1. Yup. If you can see it, it really isn't worth it for most cases.


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