Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cameo360: a 4K camera that is a rebadged Nico360?

This is the Cameo360, a 360 camera, claimed to be the world's smallest dual lens 4K 360 camera.  The specs look nice enough but the astonishing thing is how similar it is to a previous crowdfunded camera called the Nico360.  What's going on?!?

The Cameo360 is a 360 camera that is supposedly the world's smallest dual lens 4K 360 camera.  Its features include:
- 4K video
- 24mp photo resolution
- in-camera stitching
- water resistant case
- live streaming
- electronic stabilization

Here is a video about it:

The Cameo360 is on Kickstarter here for an early bird pricing of $175 compared to a planned MSRP of $269 (ending on April 20).  Delivery is promised for August 2017.

The strange thing is that the Cameo360 looks a lot like the Nico360.

The Nico360 also offered identical specifications:

- 1440p video (later upgraded to 4K video when they hit a stretch goal).
- 24mp photo resolution
- in-camera stitching
- water resistant case
- live streaming
- electronic stabilization

Here are the two cameras side by side:
And here's a photo of the factory for Cameo360:

And here's a photo of the factory for Nico360 posted in an update here:
So what's really going on?

I don't know, so from this point it's just my speculation:

1.  Paying it backward.
Nico360 has been delayed.  Originally promised for October, it seems like it will still take a while longer to be produced.

Meanwhile, one difference between the two cameras is the price.  The Nico360 was originally offered at $99 whereas the Cameo360 is offered at $175 early bird pricing.  That price difference MAY mean that Nico360 figured out that the price it offered is too low so it needs to sell more units at a higher price to fund the cameras promised to the Nico360 crowdfunding campaign.

This is similar to what's going on with Panono, where they are selling units now at around $2,000, even though they haven't delivered all the cameras promised to their crowdfunding backers at under $600 (as long ago as 2013).  Their plan is to use the funds from the new buyers (at a higher price) to fund production for the crowdfunded units (as well as the retail-ordered units).

2.  Licensing deal: Another possibility is that Nico360 is licensing their camera to Cameo360 in order to generate additional funds.

3.  Subterfuge: Yet another possibility is that the Nico360 factory is selling the design to Cameo360 without Nico360's authorization.

4. Rebranded: Another possibility is that Nico360's design wasn't novel and there was already an existing camera that they simply branded as their own, and Cameo360 is also doing the same.

Anyhow, like I said I'm just speculating.  How about you?  What do you think is going on?  Post your thoughts in the comments!


  1. well, theres enough clones of the retail devices like theta etc out there already, as you know it takes just two months from drawing concepts to stocking up the warehouse.. so 1. a cloner in this case, flicklabsinc hasn't got a clue or 2. its the same crew as nano in hk trying to get up on funding levels to make production.. see the boarding board image ?
    cameo360 sketch ( note waterprood cases image also )

    and nico360 design sketch ideas,w_620/v1469085031/usksqqgnyb27nqwjrhxk.png

    I was looking at these two side by side a while ago. haha

  2. LOLZ at the comments on nico360 now , BWAHAHAHAHA.. so bloody glad I haven't ever backed anything on kickstarter/indiegogo - the only one i was keen on backing back five years lolz, still haven't delivered their food spectrum analysis device haha.. was so close to backing them too

    1. FYI: I backed lot of projects on Kickstarter and IndieGogo and never had a problem. It's just a matter of using a bit of common sense when backing. One of these projects was DK1: playing very early with it allowed me to start a very nice business in VR, so it was a very worthwile investment !

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