Monday, March 6, 2017

Underwater 360 video from MGCool, an affordable fully spherical 360 camera

The MGCool 360 (also known as Elecam 360) is an affordable fully spherical 360 camera with an available underwater housing accessory. Here's a sample underwater 360 video from the MGCool.

Here again are the key specifications of the MGCool / Elecam 360:
- two 220-degree fisheye lenses; fully spherical field of view
- two OV4689 sensors
- photo resolution: 3008 x 1504
- video resolution: 1920 x 960 @ 30fps
- uses Micro SD cards up to 32GB
- Wi-Fi connectivity; app is compatible with iOS and Android

Unlike some other 360 cameras in this class, the MGCool has an available underwater housing accessory
MGCool says its underwater housing allows the MGCool 360 to be used at depths up to 30 meters, while maintaining the user's access to the camera's buttons.

Here is a sample video from the MGCool with the underwater housing.  The video was provided by MGCool and I edited it with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 2017:

The MGCool 360 is available from GearBest.

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