Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The most popular 360 cameras: sales ranking as of March 2017

Which are the most popular 360 cameras based on sales?

I don't have sales figures for the industry.  However, we can determine popularity based on sales rank on Amazon (of course, there are some 360 cameras that are not sold on Amazon and aren't represented in this chart).  Here are the most popular 360 cameras based on Amazon sales rank.

(Note: Insta360 Nano and Samsung Gear 360 have two separate item numbers.  Their ranking based on combined sales is unknown.  Note also that Insta360 Air ($129reviewed here) was just released and is not represented here yet.)

1. Ricoh Theta S ($299 street).  Rank: #81.  Reviewed here.
2. LG 360 Cam ($129 street).  Rank: #195.  Reviewed here.
3. Insta360 Nano ($199).  Rank: #445 and #972.  Reviewed here.
4.  Kodak SP360 4k Dual Pro ($630 street).  Rank: #681.  First impressions here.
5.  360 Fly 4k* ($499).  Rank: #970.  Preview here.
6.  Nikon Keymission 360 ($499).  Rank: #1,615.  Reviewed here.
7.  Ricoh Theta SC - blue ($250 street).  Rank: #1,787.  Preview here.  See also Ricoh Theta S review.
8.  Samsung Gear 360 ($250 street).  Rank: #2,233 and #8,343.  Reviewed here.
9.  Ricoh Theta m15 - pink ($200 to $250).  Rank: #6,048.  Reviewed here.
10.  Kodak SP360* ($230).  Rank: #14,409.
11.  Insta360 4k (around $560).  Rank: #23,891.   Preview here.
12.  Elecam 360 (around $130).  Rank: #24,642.  Preview here.

*360fly and Kodak SP360 are hemispherical 360 cameras.

I'm surprised by the ranking of the Gear 360, which I thought would rank higher.  I did search for different listings and model numbers, but this is what I found.

Note that the rankings change by country.  In Canada, the ranking is as follows (Canadian ranking numbers shown; prices in USD):
1. Ricoh Theta S ($299 street) (#385)
2. Samsung Gear 360 ($250 street)  (#592 and #1,083)
3. Ricoh Theta m15 - pink ($200 to $250) (#3,577)
4. Insta360 Nano ($199) (#4,763)
5. Kodak SP360 4k Dual Pro ($630 street) (#14,298)
6. LG 360 Cam ($129 street) (#14,952)


  1. Would be interesting to rank by their corresponding Play app install range figures.

    1. Good idea, Paul! I'll add that info!

      Best regards,

  2. While I expected the Gear 360 to be higher, it doesn't surprise me if other models are outperforming it as it's really most useful with particular Samsung phones and while it can be used without the phone, it loses a lot. There are solid options elsewhere. Samsung doesn't push the cross-platform usability thing so they take a hit.

    1. Hi Brian. Yes their exclusivity definitely hurts them. I think another plausible explanation is that the Amazon sales rank is measured over a smaller time frame, and people might have stopped buying Gear 360 in anticipation of the Gear 360 Pro. I'm just guessing though.

      Best regards,

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