Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sample 360 videos and 360 live stream from the 2017 Gear 360

Here are sample videos from the Samsung Gear 360 (2017 edition).   Keep checking back.  I will keep adding videos as I find them.
UPDATE: Based on these sample videos, I believe the 2017 Gear 360 could become the most popular 360 camera. Here's why.

Here is a playlist of 360 video samples from the 2017 Gear 360. Click on the upper left corner to switch between videos:

Note 1: the samples by Adam Lein and John Velasco are unstitched.
Note 2: the samples by Max Lee at the Korean BBQ restaurant are live streamed and therefore use a simpler template-based stitching.

Here's another sample video from Samsung Unpacked, by Anshel Sag.  Thankfully this one is stitched correctly.

Here's a sample 360 live stream by Max Lee.  Please note again that live streamed videos use simpler template-based stitching.

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  1. Honestly, I was hoping for better.
    I did find it interesting that the first video in the playlist wasn't stitched (

    The stitching in the others appeared, to me at least, more problematic than that of the original camera.

    1. Hi Rich. I'm very curious about what problems you saw in the stitching. (Other than the restaurant because it's live streamed.) Best regards, Mic

  2. I was too, I was hoping for some in the vein of Vuze, but this new one is growing on me as each day passes. I actually prefer the ergonomics of the original over this one, but at least this one is pretty small, able to be put in my back pocket, plus the higher resolution and 24p (lower res stills are a shame). And iOS support.
    And yeah, that first video is strange, but the Times Square video looks pretty great, I can't see the stitching at all on that, plus I like that the sky isn't completely blown out as it would've been on the original camera.


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