Friday, March 24, 2017

One shot VR: capturing nearly-spherical 360 video with one Entaniya lens

Entapano posted samples of the Entaniya 250 MFT 3.0 lens used with a Panasonic GH5, showing the nearly spherical 250-degree field of view captured with just one lens.

Entaniya 250 MFT is a unique lens with an extraordinarily wide 250-degree field of view.  It is currently available for Micro Four Thirds and APS-C, and will soon be available for full frame sensors.  Using just one lens and one sensor makes it possible to capture nearly spherical 360 video without stitching, which Entapano calls "One Shot VR."

There are three sizes of the 250 MFT lens.  The 3.0mm lens size covers almost the maximum area for a circular fisheye on a Micro Four Thirds size sensor.

Here are the samples shot with the 250 MFT 3.0 lens on a Panasonic GH5:

The Entaniya 250 MFT 3.0 (in Micro Four Thirds mount) is available in the US and currently in stock at B&H Photo ($3,500).


  1. I love the form and quality of these lenses but I think they need to consider their price. 3500 USD is nuts for a single lens. Maybe 10 years ago it was justified but as products like the Insta360 Pro 8K hit the market for the same price bracket WITH camera and app etc I think that price is too high.

    1. Thanks Peter. I hope for a lower price too but I think the problem is that there is probably a very limited production of the lens, driving up the cost. As for whether it makes sense, one benefit is that you can keep the lens forever and benefit from future advances in sensor technology by simply replacing the lens. Also, MFT bodies have special features such as slow motion (for example see the ).

      Best regards,

    2. sorry, i meant by simply replacing the body.

  2. Good points Mic.
    Although when I look at my '360 Museum' at home I have several stand alone lens for different camera makes and formats. These would have been the Entaniyas of their day. Keeping a lens is great but I frequently (perhaps foolishly!) refresh my camera gear and am left with selection of redundant lens. :-/

  3. At least there is a set of rear-end elements you can change to fit other sensors in the future without rebuying the lens. It probably does not help that the yen is low 90 USD cents right now as well (was over 1.20 2010-2013).

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