Monday, March 20, 2017

Get a ticket to NAB Show (worth $185) for FREE, compliments of Kodak PIXPRO; hints at Orbit360 launch

You can attend NAB Show 2017 for free, compliments of Kodak PIXPRO!

Kodak PIXPRO will be an exhibitor at NAB Show 2017 (April 22-27, 2017), and for a limited time, they're giving away free tickets!  Just use the code "LV2676."  The E Exhibits Pass (worth $185) will then be free!  (Yes I tried it and it's real.)

The fact that Kodak PIXPRO is giving away tickets to NAB Show suggests they have something big planned, which is very likely the launch of the Orbit360, one of the most highly anticipated 360 cameras of 2017.

Thank you very much to Kevin Cruz for sharing this information!  Yes I will be going.  If you're going too, message me so we can meet up!

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