Monday, March 27, 2017

Digipower TP-QPXT / Quikpod Sport: monopods with quick release clips for 360 cameras

Here is a monopod with a quick release attachment so that you can quickly attach or detach your 360 camera.

The monopod is called the Digipower TP-QPXT.  There's a very similar monopod called Quikpod Sport that also has a quick release but it costs more (note: only the Sport variant of Quikpod has a quick release).
The monopod is made of waterproof aluminum, and extends from 18 inches to 53 inches with flip locks.  The end cap can be removed to reveal a 1/4-20 hole at the bottom to attach tripod legs.

In addition to a quick release clip with a 1/4-20 attachment, the TP-QPXT (and Quikpod Sport) includes several accessories to use it with a GoPro camera or a smartphone, all in a padded case.

If you would like to purchase this monopod or the Quikpod Sport, they are available from Amazon. Digipower TP-QPXT
Quikpod Sport

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