Monday, March 6, 2017

DEALS: Sony Playstation VR Launch Bundle back in stock at Amazon for $499!

The Sony Playstation VR Launch Bundle is now back in stock at Amazon for $499!

The Sony Playstation VR Launch Bundle has been out of stock since October 2016.  It's been in high demand because it is the best value for getting a Playstation VR if you don't already have Playstation Move controllers or the Playstation 4 Camera, which are needed for the PSVR (technically you can play without the Move controllers, but you'll be missing out on most games).

The Launch Bundle is $100 more than the Playstation VR by itself ($399).  However, when purchased separately, the Playstation 4 Camera (~$40) plus a pair of Playstation Move controllers (~$100) are around $140, if you can even find them in stock.  The Launch Bundle is therefore like getting the Playstation 4 Camera and Playstation VR Worlds ($39.99) for free (and yes, it's one of the better games for the PSVR).  That's why it's so hard to find the Launch Bundle in stock at MSRP.

But now the Launch Bundle is available again at Amazon!  If you're at all interested in the PSVR, this is the best opportunity to get the PSVR.  Here's my review of the Playstation VR.

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