Sunday, March 5, 2017

MWC17: Clones of the LG 360 Cam and Insta360 Air

LG 360 Cam and Insta360 Air are among the lowest-cost 360 cameras but that hasn't stopped Malata from creating clones of these low-priced 360 cameras.

The first clone is a copy of the LG 360 Cam (~$120 street; reviewed here).  The clone is called "F1" and here are the key specifications:
- uses two 200-degree fisheye lenses
- uses two OV4689 4mp sensors.
- photo resolution: 3008 x 1504
- video resolution: 1080p @ 30fps
- compatible with iOS and Android

The second clone is called "F2" and is a copy of the newly-released Insta360 Air ($129; hands-on first impressions here).  They even copied the available colors of the Insta360 Air.  Here are the key specs of the F2 camera:
- two 210-degree fisheye lenses
- photo resolution: 2048 x 1024
- video resolution: 1080p @ 30fps
- for Android phones

Thank you very much to Oliver Pecha of Collect 360 for bringing these to my attention!  Collect 360 is a free 360 video editing app for Android, which enables you to create a video montage, add watermarks, or add music.

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