Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A 360 camera rig with two APS-C Sony a6500 cameras using the Entaniya 250 lens

photo by Michiaki Nakazawa
Entaniya showed their new 360 camera rig based on the Sony a6500 and their Entaniya 250 lens.
photo by Entapano
The Entaniya 250 lens by Entapano is a 250-degree fisheye lens designed for Micro Four Thirds sensors, which are much larger and have better image quality than the sensors in GoPros and other action cameras typically used in 360 camera rigs.  Here is a sample 360 video with the Entaniya 250 and the Panasonic GH5.

Entapano has created a new version of their Entaniya 250 for use with two Sony a6500 mirrorless cameras, which have an even larger APS-C size sensor.  They have created two rigs for the a6500.  The first rig placed the a6500 side by side and used the Entaniya 250 MFT 3.0 lens:
photo posted by Michiaki Nakazawa
Entapano created a second rig that places the two a6500 cameras back to back, and used the Entaniya 250 MFT 3.6, which has a larger image circle than the 3.0 lens used for the side-by-side rig:

According to Entapano, the side-by-side rig has a 360 video resolution of 4k @ 30fps, while the back-to-back rig has a resolution of 5k @ 30fps.  It is possible to have a video resolution of 6k @ 30fps using three a6500 cameras with the Entaniya 250 MFT 3.6 lens.
photo posted by Michiaki Nakazawa

Here is a sample 360 video by Entapano, shot with the a6500 rig with the side-by-side configuration:

Here is a sample video with the back-to-back configuration:

Entapano hasn't announced the pricing for the new rig or the E-mount version of the Entaniya 250.  However, they did say that they are already working on a version of the Entaniya 250 for use with full frame cameras.  The Entaniya 250 MFT lens for E-mount will be available on Entapano's store.


  1. If I'm honest, I like the side-by-side configuration better, after viewing the videos. I was disappointed that the video of the back-to-back configuration had no movement in it.

    1. I see! Yes I agree it would have been nicer of the video had movement. Thanks Richard!

      Best regards,

    2. Becouse these rigs have a brutal parallax effect. :(

    3. There is a brutal parallax effect? Where do you notice that? I didn't see it in the first video though.


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