Monday, February 27, 2017

Low light 360 video sample of Eiffel Tower from Z Cam S1 Pro, a 360 camera with Micro Four Thirds sensors

Check out this new low light sample from the Z Cam S1 Pro, a 360 camera with Micro Four Thirds sensors. (I previously wrote that it is from the  Z Cam S1, which is incorrect according to Pasztor Tamas.)

Z Cam is working on a Micro Four Thirds camera, called the Z Cam Radius Z Cam S1 Pro, which will have even higher image quality than the Z Cam S1, their 360 camera with 6k resolution.

Z Cam S1

The new low light sample video from Z Cam S1 Pro shows the Eiffel Tower at night.  The video is in 4k @ 60 fps:

The low light video here is impressive and shows plenty of detail (except at the zenith), with no visible noise.

I still don't know the pricing and availability of the Z Cam S1 Pro.  Meanwhile, the Z Cam S1 is available for purchase here for $2499 (excluding the stitching software which is $1499).

Thanks again to Pasztor Tamas of Instar Films for the correction!


  1. Hi Mic,

    this sample is from the Z Cam S1 Pro, wich is the micro 4/3 version of the Z Cam S1.

    1. Hi Pasztor! Thank you very much for the correction!

      Best regards,


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