Friday, February 3, 2017

TwoEyes VR posts a new low light 3D 360 video sample

TwoEyes VR is the most affordable fully spherical 3D 360 camera.  They posted a couple of new 3D 360 videos, including a low light test.  Check out the new sample videos.
Here is the first of the new sample videos.  Notably it shows no flickering (an issue in their first 3D 360 sample, which was caused by the fluorescent lights in the room).

Here is the other new sample video, showing the camera's performance in low light.

TwoEyes VR is currently available on Kickstarter and reached its campaign goal in just two days. I backed this project and will be posting a review if and when I receive it.  Please note crowdfunding is not like preordering - there can be delays and sometimes project cancellations.

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