Friday, February 17, 2017

TECHNIQUE: offers free cloud-based tools for patching and stitching 360 photos is a website that offers several free tools for patching and stitching 360 photos.

NadirPatch currently has five useful tools:

1. Convert equirectangular photo to cube photo.  By converting an equirectangular photo into cube faces, it makes it easy to patch the photo with conventional image editors, place watermarks that will display correctly, or otherwise make corrections to the photo.

2. Stitch cube photos to equirectangular.  This is the reverse of the first tool and allows you to rceombine the cube face images into an equirectangular photo.
3. Patching the bottom of a cube.
4. Patching the bottom of an equirectangular photo.  You can place your own watermark, and be able to resize and rotate the watermark.

5. Stitch a Gear 360 photo (from double fisheye to equirectangular).

NadirPatch is free to use and is supported by ads.

Thank you very much to  Ben Claremont (Life in 360 Photo) and Michal Jaroszczyk for bringing this to my attention!  (Incidentally, I've covered Michal's work on exotic vehicles. See here.)


  1. Might be nice in a pinch. However, I noticed that the Gear 360 stitching does introduce some anomalies into the photo. It rotates the horizon, the roll of which can be either left or right. Additionally, the stitching has some issues as well, when compared to either Action Director, in-phone or Autopano stitching.

    1. Thanks Rich. Gear 360 has vertical correction / horizon leveling, so it appears that the stitching here doesn't use the vertical correction information. But it should be simple to correct the horizon with Theta Converter or other apps.

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