Thursday, February 9, 2017

Six Flags launches world's first mixed reality roller coasters in California

Six Flags is launching the world's first mixed reality roller coasters at its two California theme parks!

Last year, Six Flags launched the world's first virtual reality roller coaster, where riders would don the Samsung Gear VR to see a VR video synchronized with their ride. Now Six Flags is launching the world's first mixed reality roller coasters.

As with the VR roller coasters, riders will wear the Samsung Gear VR, only this time, the Gear VR will also use its pass-through camera to present riders with a mixed reality view.  The ride is called The New Revolution Galactic Attack, and will be the first one to use mixed reality.  Here is a video showing the new Galactic Attack mixed reality roller coaster:

Galactic Attack will first launch at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California on The New Revolution, which was the world's first looping roller coaster.  Galactic Attack then will come to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Northern California, where it will be experienced on Kong, a looping floorless roller coaster.

Galactic Attack opens on February 25 at Magic Mountain, but you can get the chance to see an early preview on February 18 if you donate a bag of food for their food drive that will benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Here is the official website.  Thanks to our friends at VRScout for spotting this!

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