Monday, February 27, 2017

Second batch of Giroptic iO orders delayed

Giroptic issued a notice that the shipment for its second batch of its iO 360 camera for iPhone would be delayed.

Giroptic iO is a 360 camera accessory with live streaming capability for iOS smartphones and tablets.  Its photo resolution is 3840 x 1920, while video and live streaming resolution is 1920 x 960.

The second batch was originally scheduled for release in February 27 but instead will be pushed back a few weeks to March 20.  Giroptic explained that they want the best user experience and have not been able to ramp up their manufacturing as quickly as they expected.

In the meantime, here is a sample user video from the Giroptic iO (960p @ 30 fps):

Giroptic is available directly from the Giroptic store for $249.

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