Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: EEEKit monopod and accessory kit for popular 360 cameras

EEEKit is a monopod and accessory kit designed for 360 cameras. 

There are several versions of the EEEKit.  There's one for the Samsung Gear 360 ($250; reviewed here), for the Ricoh Theta ($300 to 350; reviewed here), and for the LG 360 Cam ($99 to 120; reviewed here), each with slightly different accessories and different prices, but the main components are the monopod, tripod base, and hardcase. 

I got the kit for the Samsung Gear 360, which includes:
- a monopod
- a tripod base for the monopod
- the case
- a pouch
- a lens cleaning cloth

The monopod is very similar to the one included for the Nikon Keymission 360's accessory kit.  The monopod is about 27 inches in length and the metal handle with rubber grip feels very solid.  The shaft is stiffer than the shaft on cheap selfie sticks.  The monopod has a nonremovable mini-ballhead.

You extend it by twisting it counterclockwise, pulling to the desired length, then twisting it back to lock.  When collapsed, the monopod is very compact, at about 7 inches, and could fit in my jeans' front pocket:

Nikon monopod on the left; EEEkit monopod and tripod base on the right.
The tripod base is also about 7 inches, and provides a stable base for the monopod.

The case is similar in size to the one that is sold as an accessory for the Keymission 360, but it is deeper and much more rigid.  One thing I like about the case is that it can accommodate even a Kodak SP360 4k with dual bracket AND GoPro-style 1/4-20 adapter.

I'm pleased with the EEEKit.  The monopod's stiffness, the stable tripod base, and the versatile hardcase make it a very useful accessory kit at a reasonable price.

The EEEKit is available from Amazon:
- EEEkit for Samsung Gear 360
- EEEkit for Ricoh Theta without a hardcase
- EEEkit for Ricoh Theta with a hardcase
- EEEkit for LG 360 Cam


  1. There is one for the Nikon 360 as well

    1. Thanks Dan! But please note the selfie stick and tripod included in that kit is different for some reason.

      Best regards,


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