Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Periscope 360 now coming for Android as well, demonstrated with Insta360 Air

It's now confirmed: 360 wireless livestreaming on Periscope 360 is also going to be available for Android as well, as demonstrated with a 360 live stream with the Insta360 Air ($129; first impressions here).
For the last couple of months, Twitter and Periscope have been testing 360 livestreaming with Periscope 360.  Until now, Periscope 360 had only been available for iPhone, using the Insta360 Nano (here's a demo/tutorial for Periscope 360).  Now, an Android version will also be available, and it you can use the Insta360 Air.

Here's the 360 live stream on Android with the Insta360 Air:

Periscope 360 is still in beta and has only been available to a small group of users for testing.  However, it will be rolled out to the general public "soon."


  1. Hi, just ordered my 360Air. Was hoping to do a 360 Sunset Scope this Sunday. How do I get on the list to be able to broadcast 360?

    1. Hi Patrick! Congratulations on ordering the Air! I think you will be very pleased with it. You can apply for the Periscope 360 waitlist here: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2017/02/periscope-360-is-going-to-be-available.html Please note it can take a while to get approved, and other than Alberto Linares and Paul Gailey I don't know anyone else who has been approved for Periscope 360 for Android.

      Best regards,


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