Monday, February 27, 2017

MWC 2017: Samsung shows new version of its Project Beyond 3D 360 camera

As reported by SamMobile, Samsung showed a new version of its Project Beyond camera.

For comparison, here was the previous version:

The new camera features eighteen lenses (the previous one had 17).  The key specifications are:
- video resolution: "high quality" 4k 360
- high quality 4k 3D 360 realtime stitching

No word on pricing or availability, although this appears to be for broadcast use, I doubt this is the rumored replacement for the Samsung Gear 360.

You can see SamMobile's article here.  Here is the official website for Project Beyond.  Thank you very much again to tech blogger Mike Cane (Atomic Supermen blog) for bringing this to my attention!


  1. Wrong Information! It still has 17 lenses.

    1. Hi. According to Sammobile, it has 18 lenses, one more than the previous version. If you say it still has 17 lenses, please let me know the source of your information. Thanks.

      Best regards,


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