Monday, February 20, 2017

Joy of flying captured in this cinematic 360 video

Check out this beautiful 360 video about a young man in pursuit of his dreams of flying!

Entitled "Fearless Dreamer," the 360 video is about Kyle Fosso, a young man who never stopped dreaming about flying since he was 5.  Despite his family's limited resources, he found a way to pursue his dream, until he was able to purchase his own plane at 15 years old.

The 360 video is beautifully shot and makes excellent use of 360.  For example, there are shots of Kyle flying that shows the pilot's view while also showing his expression of joy as he's flying.  The 360 aerial shots are very clean and have the drone out of the shot, yet have an untinterrupted 360 view, including the clouds.  I also liked how they used a robot dolly to move the camera to guide the viewer's attention.

Here is the video:

The video is by Ryot and is sponsored by American Family Insurance.  Thank you very much to Oliver Pecha from Collect mobile 360 video editor for bringing this to my attention!


  1. Nice viedo. I have a couple from my fly360 in the air.

    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing it! It's one of the better uses for 360fly that I've seen, and the video quality is better than I expected. I hope they consider making a fully spherical 360 camera. Thanks again for sharing!

      Best regards,


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