Monday, February 13, 2017

"First Lok" at Insta360 Pro, an 8k 360 camera with 6k 3D and 4k livestreaming

Lok Cheung (formerly with DigitalRev) checks out the Insta360 Pro, an 8k 360 camera that can also capture 3D 360 in 6k and can livestream in 4k.

Lok Cheung is a camera gear reviewer who used to work with Kai Wong for DigitalRev until they both left a couple of months ago.  Lok now works for PhotoGearNews, a camera review channel on YouTube.

Anyway, Lok recently met with Insta360's Global Marketing Lead Max Richter to have a look at the Insta360 Pro.  Here is the video:

As mentioned in the video, Insta360 Pro will be available in April for $3,000.  See here for more info.


  1. As tasty as the vid specs look like, I'd really need better still image specs to sweeten that 3000$ price tag...

    1. Hello! There are samples here so you can see the still image quality for yourself: (I think they look pretty good!)

      Best regards,


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