Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vivitar introduces two new 360 cameras, including a waterproof 360 camera

Vivitar has two new fully spherical 360 cameras: the 1008HD which is completely waterproof even without a housing, and the 1108HD, which is a 360 action camera.
The 1008HD is Vivitar's new waterproof 360 camera.  Here are the specifications:
- 14.1 mp sensor
- waterproof to IPX8 even without a housing
- Wi-Fi
- $199.99 MSRP; available Q2 2017.

Here are the specifications for the 1108HD:
- 14.1 mp sensor
- video resolution: 1080p
- has a security cam function while charging
- Wi-Fi
- waterproof case and helmet mounts
- $149.99 MSRP; Available Q2 2017

I don't have info yet on the video resolution of the 1008HD although it would probably be 1080p just like the 1108HD.

Here is a video by Poc Network showing the 1008HD:

In the video, they called the camera the DVR1008.  I believe it is called the 1008HD based on the press release.

Meanwhile, Vivitar currently has a fully spherical camera called the 988HD, and a hemispherical camera called the 968HD.

Thank you very much to Pepe Vazquez for bringing this to my attention!

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