Monday, January 23, 2017

Lanparte LA3D-VR 360 gimbal for Samsung Gear 360 and other 360 cameras

Polish camera store Prolite posted a photo of a stabilized gimbal by Lanparte designed for the Samsung Gear 360 and other 360 cameras.  The gimbal is called the LA3D-VR and was shown at IBC 2016.

The photo of the gimbal was shared by Prolite on Facebook.  Here is the photo posted on Facebook.

Here is another shot of the gimbal posted by filmmaker and cinematographer Philip Bloom,  reposted by Lanparte on Facebook (the gimbal was attached to TheChartersPole, a 5-meter camera pole:

Here is a sample video by Philip Bloom using the Samsung Gear 360 with the Lanparte, mounted on the 5-meter TheChartersPole.

Thank you very much to Stephen Wensley for bringing this to my attention!  Thanks also to an anonymous reader for posting a tip (I'm not sure if he's also Stephen).

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  1. Hi, recorded a video and tried it on on my VR and gave me headache so looking for an affordable stabiliser, then saw this stayblcam, can you advise?

    1. Hi there! Yes you're right -- when viewing on a VR headset, stability is a must. I don't know how the Lanparte performs nor do I know how much it costs. But there's a 360 gimbal you might be interested in called Guru 360: I will also be reviewing a couple of smartphone gimbals that could work with some 360 cameras.

      Best regards,


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