Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vroomcam: a stabilized robot dolly for 360 cameras

Vroomcam is a motorized dolly for 360 cameras with stabilization, and can operate autonomously or via remote control.
One of the challenges of 360 videos is that they have to remain level and stable to avoid inducing nausea for viewers.  At the same time, 360 cameras can see everywhere around them, therefore traditional stabilization solutions such as a skilled Steadicam operator will be seen on a 360 camera, possibly detracting from the video.

Vroomcam is a motorized dolly that addresses both issues.  It has stabilization to keep the camera level, and it can be operated with remote control or autonomously set to follow a subject, thus allowing the camera to move without a visible operator.  Vroomcam can operate on the ground or on an aerial cable.

Here is a video demonstrating Vroomcam:

Vroomcam costs $20,000 and is available for lease.  Here is the official website.

Vantrix partners with Spydercam and Eye-Live

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