Friday, December 23, 2016

Viooa has two hemispherical 360 cameras for drones

Viooa has created two hemispherical 360 cameras for drones to make gimbals unnecessary.

Drones with cameras typically use gimbals for stabilization.  Gimbals work well but controlling a gimbal while maneuvering the drone can be difficult and may require having to program a flight path, or assistance from a second operator.

Viooa has two hemispherical 360 cameras for drones that make gimbals unnecessary by using an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to stabilize the video.  The cameras feature a low-profile aerodynamic design.

The Viooa (shown above) has one hemispherical 360 lens.  The Viooa Sense is similar to the Viooa and has a hemispherical camera as well but adds four cameras and a processor to identify obstacles, similar to Intel's Realsense camera.
Here is a video of the Viooa cameras in action.

The camera takes video at 4k resolution and takes 32mp still photos.  There's not a lot of info about the mounting options, but it appears that they are usable with many drones, not just the 3DR Solo featured in the video.  I will try to visit their booth at CES 2017!

Thanks to Wiebe de Jager for bringing this to my attention!


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    1. Yes i think it looks interesting. Thanks Romilda!

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  2. Oh my God, this camera is unelievable! If this project becomes successfull, the gimbals will become useless. Iwill definitely investigate this camera a lot more :) On the other hand, it doesn't matter how good your drone camera is if you don't know how to follow the rules of aerial filming and don't respect other people privacy. Here is an article that talks about rules for flying and filming, I found it very useful:

  3. It is a magnificent invention of Viooa. It has come with two hemispherical cameras to capture 360 degree. These stunning drones with cameras have the capacity to add four cameras and a processor to identify the obstacles. Tremendous performance!


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