Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ricoh Theta adds 3D snow and snowflakes effects

In celebration of winter, you can now add a 3D snow or 3D snowflake effect to your Ricoh Theta's 360 photos!  To add the effect, upload your shot to then add the hashtag #snow3d for snow or #snowcrystal3d for snowflakes.

Here is a sample of a photo with 3D snow.
Here is a sample with 3D snowflakes.

The falling leaves effect is the latest among other 3D effects that were added to the Ricoh Theta:
cherry blossom petals (#sakura3d)
fireflies (#firefly3d)
rain (#raid3d)
butterflies (#butterfly3d)
UFOs (#ufo3d)
- falling leaves (#momiji3d)

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