Friday, December 16, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg captures baby Max's first steps in 360 video

Mark Zuckerberg captured their baby Max's first steps in a 360 video.

360 videos make the viewer feel as if they are present at a scene, especially when viewed with a VR headset.  That's precisely why Mark had the foresight to be ready to record his daughter's first steps in a 360 video, and he did exactly that.

Mark wrote:
When I was a baby and took my first steps, my mom wrote the date in a baby book. When my sister's children took their first steps, she recorded it with photos and videos. When Max started walking, I wanted to capture the whole scene with a 360 video so our friends and family can feel like they're right there with us. Here it is!
Here's the adorable video:

Fortunately, 360 cameras are no longer accessible just for tech billionaires but have become affordable even to average consumers.  For example, Insta360 Nano is a 360 camera for the iPhone, with near-4k resolution and costs just $199, while the soon-to-be-released Insta360 Air can record in a similar resolution with some Android phones and costs $119.

[As for Mark Zuckerberg's camera, I don't know for sure which one it is partly because the tripod was edited out, but I suspect it's a Samsung Gear 360 (reviewed here), given Facebook's ownership of Oculus, a partner of Samsung, and the fact that Mark has previously appeared at Samsung Unpacked at MWC 2016. :-) ]

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