Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nico360 release delayed to March 2017

Nico360 announced that release of their camera would be delayed to March 2017, surprising no one.

Nico360 is a compact spherical 360 camera with many cutting edge features such as DNG/raw format support and 360 livestreaming without a PC.  They concluded their crowdfunding campaign back in August and promised delivery in October, an unrealistic deadline.  The deadline got pushed to November (which I still felt was too optimistic). Now, the release is being pushed to March 2017.

Meanwhile they posted a new sample, which shows very good stitching, although the sample doesn't seem to show any significant improvement compared to a previous sample.

Here is a screenshot from the new sample (sample video is here):

Here was one of the previous samples:

Here is the update.

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