Wednesday, November 23, 2016

MySight360: a wearable lifelogging 360 camera with stabilization and 4k resolution

MySight360 is a hemispherical 360 with a wearable design and electronic stabilization for lifelogging and hands-free operation.  Check out the sample videos!

MySight360 has a 240-degree lens angled at around 45 degrees so that the camera can be worn vertically or mounted horizontally.  Its hands-free operation allows the user to remain focused on the activity at hand instead of trying to record the event and missing out on it.

Here are the key specifications:
- Video resolution up to 4k
- Photo resolution: 4320 x 2160
- Electronic image stabilization and vertical orientation correction
- Lifelogging mode (will record 10 second clips every 3 minutes).
- Long battery life - 15 hours (LifeLog power management mode)
- Its app can automatically create a highlight video in one touch for instant sharing.
- Weighs only 3 oz. (85 grams)

Here is a sample video from the Mysight360 (the prototype software doesn't have lens calibration yet hence the two dark corners, which should be addressed in the final version):

Here is a video demonstrating the video stabilization:

Update: a couple more samples that demonstrate the effectiveness of the stabilization.  One is on a bike and the other is on a dog.

MySight360 will retail for $299 but will be offered on Kickstarter for $189 (and an early bird price of $169) for delivery in May 2017.  UPDATE: the Kickstarter campaign is now live.

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