Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moka: a compact fully spherical 360 camera with livestreaming

Moka is a compact and inexpensive fully spherical 360 camera with livestreaming capability.

Moka is a fully spherical 360 camera that is compact and inexpensive.

Here are the key features:
- 2k video @ 30fps
- fully spherical
- in-camera stitching
- livestreaming
- electronic image stabilization

The Moka is made by the same company that made the Mokacam, a compact 4k action cam.

The Moka is touted as "the smallest 360-degree camera."  It might not literally be the smallest, but it is compact, and the dimensions are 56 x 51 x 28mm.

Here is a sample video:

The retail price will be $200, although there is an early bird offer on Indiegogo for as low as $99.

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