Friday, November 25, 2016

DEALS: the lowest cost spherical 360 cameras at $140 to $160

Here are the lowest-priced spherical 360 cameras, while supplies last:

1. LG 360 Cam (regularly $199, now $139.99)
Summary: highest resolution 360 photos for this price range. 16mp photos stitched in-camera. Videos are not bad at 2k resolution (2880x1440). Compatible with both iOS and Android. My in-depth review here:
Price: $139.99 at Amazon here: LG G5 Friends 360 CAM LG-R105

2. Insta360 Nano (regularly $199, now $159.99)
Summary: the best video quality at this price with near-4k quality (3040x1520). Photo resolution is not very high (also 3040x1520) but they loook sharp, bright and vibrant. Best 360 wireless livestreaming. Photos and videos are stitched in-camera but need to be converted to jpg and mp4 for sharing. App requires iPhone 6 series or 7 series. My in-depth review here:

3. Elecam 360 ($159.99)

Summary: photo resolution 3008 x 1504, video resolution 1920 x 960

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