Thursday, November 3, 2016

360 aerial video from low-cost drone with auto-retracting landing gear

Check out this customized version of a Cheerson CX-20 drone with automatically retractable landing gear.

Martin Smith modified his Cheerson CX-20 by attaching a rubber-dampened mount for his Samsung Gear 360, then he added retractable landing gear so that the camera would have a clearer 360 view.

The landing gear was supplied by Eachine, while the modification to the open source controller software was by Bangs6996.  The landing gear automatically retracts when the drone takes off and deploys when the drone lands:

Here's the video from this setup:

If you have any questions for Martin, please post them in the YouTube video's comments.


  1. Wow! That is one great filming set up! :) This is the perfect example of how a drone hobby is not only the price of the drone you will pay, it is much, much more :) The spare batteries, spare parts, and in your case, an awesome filming rig! You can find out more on the topic the real cost of drones, here:


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