Saturday, September 10, 2016

3D 360 music video from Vuze

Vuze posted a new sample from its Vuze Camera. This time, it's a 3D 360 music video called "Running" by Lightscape.

Here is the video.  To view the video in 3D, you need the YouTube smartphone app. You then need to tap on the Google Cardboard icon then insert your phone in a Cardboard viewer.

As with recent videos, the stitching is very good.  The image quality looks pretty good too, considering the difficult lighting.

The video can also be seen on Facebook but it won't be in 3D.

Vuze is the first affordable fully spherical 3D 360 video with 4k resolution. It is due for release this October. It can be preordered directly from Vuze.  For related posts on Vuze camera, click here.

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