Monday, August 8, 2016

TECHNIQUE: how to use Prisma filters on 360-degree photos

Prisma is a very popular app that allows you to apply distinctive art style filters to a photo or other image.  Prisma's effects can also be applied to a 360-degree photo.  Here's how.

Ordinarily, a 360-degree photo is intended to be more realistic and immersive.  However, there's nothing that says it can't also be used with more creative effects.

Here's how to use Prisma on a 360-degree photo:

1.  Fit the equirectangular panorama to a square using an app such as Instafit.
2.  Apply the desired Prisma filter.
3.  Crop the image again to a 2:1 equirectangular panorama.

The image is now ready for viewing as a 360-degree image, but with a Prisma filter applied.  Here is a sample:

Here is another example, with animation:

When viewed on a VR headset, the effect is like stepping into a painting. 

You can also use the Prisma effect on a little planet, rabbit hole, or a cropped version of the 360 photo.

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