Monday, August 8, 2016

PSA: Avoid HTC Vive scams on Craigslist

"Wow. What a deal! An HTC Vive for just $650, compared to the retail price of $799 plus shipping and tax! The only problem seems to be that it's a long drive away. Hmm I wonder if they would ship it to me?" And that's how the bait for this scam works...

If you ask to have it shipped to you, naturally you would need to pay remotely such as via Paypal or credit card. And chances are, you'll never get the item, plus you may have given your credit card number to a scam artist.

How do I know it's a scam? Because they don't want to meet in person (yes, I tried contacting this seller). 

Here's a similar scam:

Again, $700 is a good price for a "barely used" HTC Vive.  Once more, it is in a rural area.

In this case, the photo they used is the same as from another legitimate ad:

Interestingly, I've only seen this type of scam for the HTC Vive (haven't seen one for Oculus Rift yet), possibly because of the higher price of the Vive.

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