Monday, July 18, 2016

Using the Insta360 Nano with a smartphone case?

The Insta360 Nano, a 360-degree camera for the iPhone, is being released tomorrow.  I'll post my first impressions as soon as I receive it, hopefully by the end of the day.

One concern that I have is that the Nano attaches directly to the lightning port, and I'm wondering whether I can use it with my smartphone case.

I got a lightning extender, which I'm hoping will allow me to do so:

I have doubts because the extender isn't Apple-certified and I got a popup warning saying that it might not be fully compatible with the iPhone.

Anyway, I'll let you guys know either way.

UPDATE 2: Here is an adapter that works and enables you to use the Nano without removing your smartphone case.

UPDATE: Good news and bad news.  Bad news is that the lightning extender that I got doesn't work.  However, reader Nao Nabe was able to use a certified lightning extension cable to work (he reports that his cheaper cables did not work).  Meanwhile, Insta360 told me that they will have a lightning adapter in August to enable the Nano to connect to iPhones other than the iPhone 6 series.  I'm hoping the same adapter will enable me to use the Nano with my case.


  1. But till now they have not come out with the adapter right???

    1. Here it is.


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