Friday, July 8, 2016

TECHNIQUE: Life in 360 reveals secrets for tiny planet photos and videos

If you just got a 360-degree camera and are not sure how to best use it, you can check out this new eBook from Ben Claremont.  Ben Claremont is a popular Instagram photographer who uses the Ricoh Theta S for tiny planet and rabbit hole photos and videos.

Ben's photos have also been featured in the official Ricoh Theta Instagram account, such as this one:
A photo posted by @theta360official on

Ben has now created Life in 360, a Facebook page for tiny planet photographers, and wrote an ebook showing how he captures his tiny planet and rabbit hole photos.  Here's Ben talking about his book:

The book covers the following topics:

"- How 360 photography works, and why it beats traditional photography
- Which gadgets, tools and apps are the best, and how to use them
- How to create stunning tiny planet photos with ease
- How to analyse an environment quickly to find the best 360 angle
- How to animate your photos
- How to achieve advanced, mind-bending tiny planet video effects
- How to edit on your smartphone
- How to bring bad images back from the dead
- Marketing tips for Instagram and beyond
- How to get your work NOTICED by the 360 community as well as famous brands
- And much, much, much more!"

You can get the eBook here.  It's also available as an iPhone app.

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