Monday, June 13, 2016

Project Scorpio: a VR-ready edition of Xbox One

Firing the opening salvo at E3 2016, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, an upgraded version of Xbox One that will be VR-ready.  The specs include an 8-core processor and 6-teraflop GPU (!).  For comparison, the GTX 980 graphics card is capable of 4.6 teraflops, while the recently-announced GTX 1070 is 6.46 teraflops.  With its processing power, Project Scorpio will be able to play existing Xbox One games at Ultra HD 4k resolution.

Although Microsoft emphasized that Project Scorpio is VR-ready, Microsoft did not say what kind of VR headset Project Scorpio will use, or whether Scorpio will be compatible with Microsoft Hololens holographic augmented reality headset.

Microsoft Hololens
​Project Scorpio will be released "Holiday 2017."  No word on pricing.

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