Friday, May 20, 2016

Olympus TG-Tracker: Probably not a 360 camera

When the Japanese website Digicame-info spotted an upcoming announcement about the Olympus TG-Tracker, we didn't know what to expect.  I speculated that it could be a 360-degree camera.  Well, info about the TG-Tracker has leaked to DigiCame-Info, and it does not seem to be a 360-degree camera.  Here is the Google translation.

The specs show that the lens is a fisheye lens, with 204 degree field of view (the "lens" on top is actually a video light).  However, it is not clear whether it is a circular fisheye or a rectilinear fisheye.  If it is a circular fisheye then technically it could qualify as a hemispherical 360-degree camera, such as the Kodak SP360 4k, or the 360fly.  If it is a rectilinear fisheye, then it can't easily be converted to equirectangular view, which means that for all practical purposes, it would not be a 360-degree camera.

Edit: based on the lens hood, it is a rectilinear fisheye.

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