Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Global Premiere of Detu F4, an 8k 360-degree camera with livestreaming

Detu relaunched their website, which is now available in English, and provided information about its Detu F4 professional 360-degree camera.  Here are some highlights:

1.  The Detu F4 has four backside illuminated sensors with 49.6 megapixels total resolution and can capture video at 7680 x 3840 @ 24fps.

2.  Detu has a livestreaming unit that works with the Detu F4 to provide realtime 4k livestreaming.

3.  The main Detu F4 page shows sample videos.  Here is a screenshot of one of them (on Safari iOS, you can tap on the bottom right corner button to change the image quality.  The one on top is the highest ("super clear") image quality.

4.  Detu also showed a little bit of the Twin 360 (which looks like a Ricoh Theta clone), although there were no additional details.

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